Impromptu SLC Fun

July 16, 2010 1:23 PM
My friend, Heather, drove from Albuquerque to Salt Lake this week.  She was staying with our other friend, Kristi.  Of course we had to drive down!

We had such a fun time!  Kristi runs a preschool (that I wish my kids could attend) in her basement.  So there was no shortage of fun toys for the kids to play with.  With that and all the kids, John and Lucie were in heaven!  The entire drive home, I heard a little whine from the backseat, "I want to go back to Aunt Kerstee's house.  I want Aunt Header."  Not even a McFlurry made him feel better (but it did, however make Mom feel better!).

The kids playing in Kristi's preschool basement (Grant (4), Parker (6), Brooklyn (2), and John).

One day Heather and I took the kids to the park while Kristi's girls had dance lessons (they're 4 and 2, I bet that was so cute!).  It was 95 degrees outside.  I was in heaven!  I just can't be hot enough this summer I'm afraid to prepare me for the winter (that will hopefully not come until at least November...)  Lucie really loved Aunt Heather.

Lucie and Anna have really hit it off, too.  Anna was eating her lunch, and Lucie grabbed hers to go sit right by Anna.

We decided to take the kids to Temple Square to walk around and see a few of the exhibits.  The 4 girls did great.  The 3 boys had a strong case of the wiggles!  They ran and ran.  We tried to contain them, but it is fun when they have so much fun together.

This was my attempt to get all the kids together for a picture.  I picked a nice, too sunny spot.  They were not happy!

This one worked out better (and they were all eating goldfish crackers...)

Brother & Sister

It was such a great trip.  Quick, but really fun.  Kristi was a great hostess with that many kids in her house especially.  I've been friends with those girls since we were 12.  I won't tell you how long ago that was, but it was a long time!  I sure love them and am so glad to have such good friends.

One other quick photo I had to add...

On Saturday, Peter and a few young men were laying sod at his parents' house preparing for them to come home from their mission (yay!) in just a few weeks.  I brought over donuts for them to have.  John and Lucie got to have their first donuts.  You see they were a big hit!  Lucie was holding on to hers with clenched fists.  I admit, I had one, too.  It was really good.  Just like I remember...