We are so happy

August 13, 2010 10:37 PM
The Malaysian missionaries have returned!  What a wonderful day this past Wednesday was.

They were supposed to return Tuesday night, but ended up missing their connection in San Francisco.  Peter's sisters were so happy they got to spend the night in SF.

Wednesday morning, all the Idaho children gathered at the Idaho Falls airport for the return.  What a wonderful reunion it was!  There was a lot of smiling.

John waited patiently for them to come off the plane, and he hasn't stopped talking since!  He has a lot of information to catch them up on since it's been 18 months.

Lucie quietly accepted invitations to be held by Meme and Big Dad.  She's very happy to see them.

We were lucky enough to get to take John and Julie home to Driggs with us the day they arrived home.  What a neat experience to be with them as they arrived home to the Valley after being gone for so long.  Julie getting to see her flowers.  It was really great to be there.

We are so proud of the sacrifice they made to help the people of Malaysia, half across the world, for a year and a half.  We have been blessed as a family by their service.

I also have to take the chance to brag about my mom.  What a wonderful lady she is!  She was an LPN (nurse) when my brother and I were very young, but she quit to be a mom.  Now she's had the chance to work with a nursing education program through a hospital in Texas.  She is loved by the students she teaches and by all she works with.

She recently passed a very difficult certification exam she studied really hard for.  She's now certified to work more with patients in a hospital.  We are so proud of her efforts -- way to go, Mom!  We love you.