September Birthdays

September 13, 2010 1:57 PM
Happy Birthday to my baby, Lucie!  The big 0-2.  What a coincidence, my birthday was right after and it was the big 2-0! :)  Just kidding, obviously.

Lucie's birthday was really fun.  We got to have Aunt Laurie (Peter's sister) stay with us unexpectedly.  Her husband had to have emergency surgery, so it wasn't so great for her.  But we loved having her here.

I made homemade donuts for breakfast.  I probably won't do that again for a while since they were pretty oily and none of us felt great after having them for breakfast, but it was fun.  

Lucie got a new doll cradle and high chair, which John quickly took over.  They've both had fun with them.  

Lucie did have to share her b-day with the first BYU football game.  I'm honestly not sure which Peter was more excited about -- Lucie's birth or BYU football.  I believe the weekend Lucie was born it was a bye week for BYU football.  The same when John was born back in 2006.  Good, good children we have to help their parents like that.

I made cake balls from for Lucie's birthday cake.  She loved them!

My birthday was a few days after Lucie's.  Peter made waffles for breakfast, which were delicious.  And I got a new Vitamix blender!  I have used it everyday since and love it.   


It was a really fun day.  The best part was, my friend, Amanda, and her family were out visiting from California!  I finally got to really meet their two adorable, sweet boys who are 18 months old.  I didn't get a single picture of the kids together.  I'll have to ask Amanda for one.

But here we are:

We've been friends for a really long time, long before we had husbands or kids.  It's so fun when we get to see each other.  It's a lot different now with kids, no lunches or dinner in downtown San Francisco.  But it was great to get to sit on the couch and chat while the kids played.  

Peter and I went to dinner the next night with his parents to continue my b-day celebration!  The food was so good, we had a great time.  (Notice the great iPhone photo quality. I'm not sure what happened!)

A few friends have asked how my "birthday month" celebration is going.  For a long time, I liked to celebrate my birthday all month long -- two weeks before my b-day and 2 weeks after.  My friends were great to humor me.  But since Lucie was born, I haven't had as much of a birthday month.  I was thinking about that in the car when I was going to get John from preschool, with Lucie in the backseat.  I thought about what a great b-day gift she is for me each year!  Then I turned around to see this:

Sunglasses on, purse in hand.  She smiles and says, "Hi, Mom."  I just love that little girl!