California Trip

April 7, 2011 12:20 PM
Back at the beginning of February, we got to go see some sunshine and warm weather for a few weeks.  Obviously, blogging has not been my thing lately!  I'm very late on this one...

On the Saturday we were there, we drove up to San Francisco and had the most beautiful weather I've ever seen there!  In all the time I lived there, I don't know if it was ever that pretty, especially in February.  We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, had lunch on the Embarcadero (right on the water), went to Fisherman's Wharf, and we got to see my good, good friend Patrice!  It makes me sad I don't get to see her more often.  We were roommates and coworkers way back when.  We had sundaes with her at Ghirardelli Square.  Yum!  It was such a great day.

Peter worked during the 2 weeks we were there during the days, so I got to meet up with a few friends.  I wish I could have seen more people, but it may have been for the best as I'm told I'm not all that fun when I'm pregnant!

We went to the park with Amanda and her two adorable boys.

My great friend, Heather, had us over to decorate her famous Valentine's cookies.  The kids had a blast!  It was very fun to see her.

We stayed in corporate housing, which was wonderful -- a 2 bedroom apartment with a great swimming pool.  One of the weeks the weather was nice enough to enjoy it!

I really felt like I was in a dream!

We spent a lot of time with Peter's sisters (Christy, Laurie, and Tiffany), however I don't have pictures.  I'll have to get them from Peter.  We had a BBQ by the pool, Superbowl party, dinners, it was really great.  The kids loved seeing their cousins.  

I spent a lot of time resting and some time shopping.  What a great trip!  I'll post more about our lives soon...